Telco 20200701


Wednesday, 1 July, 15:00 CEST (+0200)

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NIAC and Code Camp

The upcoming October NIAC and code camp were discussed. With NOBUGS being postponed until next year, a virtual event will take place.

It was decided to split the NIAC and code camp onto separate weeks, so the main NIAC will take place Monday/Tuesday (12/13) October and the code camp Monday/Tuesday (19/20) the following week. There will be a final (extra) NIAC session after the code camp finishes on 20th to discuss any matters arising from the code camp.

To avoid long sessions, and to try and manage participation across time zones, it is planned to try and organise sessions around specific topics and then schedule (as well as time zones allow) for interested parties to attend. Any votes would be help electronically post session, NIAC members not present at the discussion will be able to see a summary of the discussions prior to voting. A time span for voting will need to be agreed.

The approach is to have a github issue for each matter, and then to create a google docs spreadsheet to help organise these issues into general topics and then schedule sessions. This approach worked well in the January code camp. Some sort of poll mechanism for voting is needed.

Action: PC /AB to investigate Github polling

Other items

HB mentioned there is an NXmx e-workshop taking place on 22 August, from 9 am to 3 pm Prague time. Contact him for more details.

PJ mentioned that several USA labs are working on an application definition for x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy. They plan to use NeXus for injecting data into the Blue Sky data broker.

RB has been working on a program to generate template NeXus file from NXDL. He is finding various inconsistencies in the definitions while doing this and has been posting issues to github about them, please check these and help him to understand the intended meaning.

Next telco, plan for mid august to avoid clash with ACA meeting in early august.