Workshop PSI 2010

NeXus Workshop at PSI (May 10 - 12, 2010)

A NeXus workshop will be held at PSI from Monday, May 10 till Wednesday, May 12 2010. The purpose of this workshop is twofold:

In a sense this workshop is a followup to the recent HDF-5 as hyperspectral dataformat held at ESRF.

This workshop is to go into more detail and come up with:

The intended audience for this workshop are facility scientists and computing staff from synchrotrons who have have an interest to learn more about NeXus and use it a synchrotron light sources. The general part of the workshop can be of interest to other NeXus users too.

Particiaption is free but due to space contraints we can only accept 30 participants. Registration is now open through our WWW-site: